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Friday, February 1, 2008

Memo to Congress - Enact AMT2 Now!

The good news is that the Government wants to take action to head off a Rece**ion (sorry, that's an expletive, even if not a four letter word; it can't be mentioned in a Respectable Blog).

The bad news is that they don't seem to have a clue about what to do. Not surprising -- the people in charge are all RB's (Rich Bast**ds, another expletive). They wouldn't know a cash flow crunch if it bit them in the assets. After all, the fundamental business of politicking is to raise, and to keep, funds - by playing mental games with the donors and the voters.

So they are talking about a tax rebate. Some sources say an average of $300 per tax payer, other say $800. No matter. It is still a drop in the bucket. Better that these clowns stop diddling with half way measures like that and kick the bucket.

I mean, how much is an $800 rebate going to stimulate the economy? For starters, many people would just use their rebate to pay down debts (does that make it a non-starter?); other, less red blooded, tax payers might actually (gasp!) save the rebate. Fat lot of good would that do for the economy. Will no one rid me of these thrifty tax payers? Is there no man on the Ways and Means?

Look, Robin Hood tried it, centuries ago. History shows us that it didn't do the job then; why should we expect it to do the job now? Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor. The trouble is, it makes no sense to take from the rich -- there are only a few of them -- and give to the poor -- of whom there are too many. You will never give enough to any poor person to make a real difference to them, let alone to stimulate a major, world class economy like ours.

What we need is a Reverse Robin approach. No, not Round Robin - that just amounts to passing the buck. The Reverse Robin takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Now, if you take from the poor, even if it is only a little from each one -- after all, they don’t have much -- and distribute it among a handful of rich people, you can give enough to each to make them happy; and to get them to channel some of the money back into the economy to help it, and to give some it to your party as campaign contributions. The Robbing Hoods of the G. O. P. (Greedy Obnoxious Parasites) understand this all too well, but President Tush is not cooperating.

So, here is an urgent request to Congress, especially the members of the Richbuttlican party. Enact an Alternative Maximum Tax now. For clarity, it should be called AMT2. The original AMT was the Alternative Minimum Tax - just what you would expect from the commie pinko liberal libertines of the Democrack party. We need to minimize taxes, not to put a minimum on taxes! With the AM2, on the other (right) hand, we can cap the taxes at a reasonable amount. For discussion, I propose that the maximum tax be no more than 2 x the minimum tax.

And, to show we do learn from past mistakes, Congress should automagically index the AMT2 to the cost of loving -- I mean, the cost of living.

Now, if only they can do this quickly, before a Democrack enters the White House....

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